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Knobs and handles play a key role in Machine Tool Industries. Machine cannot be operated effectively without knobs/handles. Use of knobs/handles improves workmanship and fatigue is reduced.

Procurement of proper handles/knobs is normally the last priority as these are required at the final stage of production.

We, at Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders have developed a wide range of Knobs & Handles. We have designed over 500 types of knobs/handles considering their utmost utility to purchaser and actual user.
Knobs are produced out of thermosetting & thermoplastic materials. - Nylon, Cellulose Acetate, Polypropelene & Bakelite.

Shapes of knobs are given prime importance as per it's application. For example, our handwheel for instruments box has large diameter with minimum thickness ensuring accurate control with very little force/weight on the instrument. Sharp corners are avoided for total safety. Straight/Cross knurling is also avoided for easy maintenance & cleanliness.

INSERTS : Self threaded inserts of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Brass are used as per the standard requirement. Most of the mild steel inserts are developed nearer to I.S.I. standard for longer life of knobs. Inserts, Studs, round/square Bush, square Rod, handles. Pins are made of M.S. and plated. Brass Sleeves are also used for inserts for the particular purpose of the user. Unique characteristics of our inserts are

  • non rotating,
  • non corrosive,
  • maintain fixed position.

We also supply specific inserts as per the design for the order of reasonable quantity. These are manufactured on automatic, semi automatic machines in bulk quantities.

Customers' Logo/symbol can be fixed on the knobs. Instruction for operators of even plain/decorative plates can also be fixed as per the requirement.

These knobs & handles are designed & developed over a period of ten year's consistent efforts, providing a total range under one roof with highest utility at reasonable cost.


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