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New Design:

Exclusively designed to prevent sharp bending of cables. The cable will take a gradual curve as per the versatile shape of the hanger of this new assembly. It can carry cables having outer dia 11 to 16 mm

  • Avoids leakage of Electric Current

  • Most Durable

  • Most Economical

  • Free, Smooth

  • Easy Movement

Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders, the trusted name in Engineering Plastics have manufactured a very specialised and innovative cable trailing system namely Cable Carrier Assembly. This system manufactured for the first time in India has won the Prestigious Award of MAHRATTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRIES, PUNE.

Earlier items like ceramic bushes, curtain rings or leather pieces were used to guide the cable along with a tension wire rope or a bar. This not only had a poor appearance but also had a poor performance. For example, in a hoist, the section closest to the hoist would get pulled fully, which then would transfer the pulling motion to the leather piece, or ceramic bush or curtain ring, which would then pull the next such element. This causes a strain on the wire, giving a possibility of breakage if wire and the danger of 440V cables being broken.

Cable Carrier Assembly eliminates all these disadvantages. It is made from non-conducive material - Nylon/Polypropylene for the perfect insulation and maintenance - free durability. It gives very free, smooth and easy forward and backward movement with uniformly spaced carrier points. It requires absolutely no maintenance, being designed for very long life cycles. It also increases the life of the cable it carries, as no tension is transferred to the cable in the process of movement. It enhances the cleanliness of the factory as the mess in the cables, normally seen, is eliminated. Forming equal loops and available in attractive colours, this product has made a big breakthrough in the market.

Besides the great utility and advantages of this system, the most important fact is the wide range. This assembly consists of a ROLLER TROLLEY and a WIRE HANGER OR CLAMPING UNIT.

Seven types of roller trolleys are available :

  • Suitable for steel wire rope upto 8mm Ø
  • Double Wheel suitable upto 8 mm Ø steel wire rope
  • Suitable for Round Pipe or Bar 1" Ø
  • Suitable for Enclosed Track inner square size 34 mm (Track also available)
  • Suitable for steel wire rope upto 12 mm Ø
  • Double Wheels suitable upto 12 mm Ø steel wire rope
  • Suitable for 'T' Section/'I' Channel 50 mm width

The hanger unit also is available in following 9 Types :

  • Round upto 14 mm Ø cable
  • Round Big upto 20 mm Ø cable
  • Flat - for flat cable or same dia multicables
  • Type - same dia multicables
  • Jumbo with bush 25 mm - various dia cables
  • Jumbo without bush 38 mm - various dia cables
  • Super Jumbo with bush 51 mm - various dia cables
  • Super Jumbo without bush 63 mm - various dia cables
  • Super Jumbo 76 mm - various dia cables on request

All wire ropes has to be Nylon / Plastic coated before use of
Cable Carrier Assembly suitable for Wire Ropes.


Cable Carrier Assembly :

CCA-Enclosed Track System :


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