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Efficient, Elegant & Economical Plastic Flexible Coolant Pipes

Now made more versatile by Pioneers in India


1/4 " ID
3/8 " ID
1/2 " ID
3/4 " ID


Types and multiple utilities of Flexible Coolant Pipes:

  • Efficient - Elegant - Economical
  • The Coolant flow can be directed to the exact cutting point
  • Pipe retains the desired position on its own avoiding adjustments and readjustments
  • Increases the Tool life due to proper cooling
  • Length can be increased or decreased at your will
  • Easy to mount & operate
  • Available in various standard sizes
  • Extremely flexible-turning radius less than 50mm
  • Material is non corrosive & non-conductive
  • Many applications to suit your requirements
  • Threaded Nozzles & Nipples for quick replacement
  • Resistant to dilute alkalis & acids
  • Sustains approx 1 PSI pressure, therefore, can also be used to remove chips or bur from machine bed
  • Available in attractive colors


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