Cable Drag Chain / Cable Carrier System

Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders designed, developed & manufactured Cable Drag Chain in Pune from 1986 for Indian Market. This system is a reliable solution to carry cables & hoses in motion on almost all type of machines like NC, CNC to Rugged Cranes. Some designs are registered with The Patent of Government of India.

Advantage Cable Drag Chain - The hoses & electrical cables connected to machinery parts in motion may get damaged as direct tension is applied on them; instead the use of Drag Chain eliminates this problem as the tension is applied on Drag Chain thus keeping the Cables & hoses intact & facilitating smooth movement.

Salient features include less weight, low noise, non-conductive, easy handling, non-corrosive, easy of assembly due to snap fitting, maintenance free, available in custom lengths, separators to segregate cables/hoses, can be used for side by side in case number of cables is more, increases cable/hoses life, modular design simplifies cable/hose maintenance.

The Cable Drag Chain is assemblies of single units that are snap fitted to form chain to specific length.