Plastic Chains & Standpoles

A reputation of any Organization depends upon the work environment, disciplined code of conduct and safety measures taken to avoid accidents. For this purpose, importance of demarcation of various areas is necessary. We have developed Plastic StandPole and Chain for demarcation which is decorative as well, that enhances the aesthetics of your organisation.

PLASTIC CHAIN with Interlocked links is light weight, durable, economical and maintenance-free. Available in many attractive colour combinations such as White & Red, White & Orange, White & Green, Red & Yellow, Black & white and Black & Yellow. It is also available in any single colour.

STANDPOLE assembly consisting of base, pole units, connectors, chain holder cup and display fixture is supplied as separate parts to facilitate handling and transport. STANDPOLES can be assembled with the chain in a very short time giving you an attractive yet most convenient demarcation, partition or fencing. The height of the poles is adjustable. A special display fixture is provided at the top of the poles where you can exhibit any display such as monograms/symbols or instructions such as IN, OUT, STOP, GO, etc.

Available Models and Sizes

Plastic Chain 8mm 
Plastic Chain 5mm 
Plastic S Chain 6mm